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The week in ideas, September 28, 2012

In this installment: McDonald’s on TV and on the brain. And horse and deer in the kitchen. Enjoy.

Idea #1: TV with fries. McDonald’s is rolling out its own in-store TV channel, the M Channel, which will broadcast programs specific to each location, including news, sports and promotions. The chain has also partnered with reality-TV king Mark Burnett and premium cable’s ReelzChannel for content. The station is being tested in 700 California units.

Idea #2: Horse meat. M. Wells, the buzz-drunk “diner” that shut down last year in Queens, New York, after a long fight with the landlord, is reopening next week. On the menu: horse meat tartar. Ooooo, so edgy!

Idea #3: Logos on the brain. A new study finds that fast-food logos—McDonald’s and KFC were tested—“imprint” themselves on children’s brains. Creepy. The researchers used MRIs to measure brain activity when kids were shown a series of logos. Non-food related logos excited very little brain activity. Show the kids the Golden Arches and the MRI goes crazy.

Idea #4: Keep roadkill out of the kitchen. A West Virginia restaurant was shut down when the health inspector found a roadkill deer in the kitchen.

Idea #5: Pay your taxes. Apparently we have to point this out.





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