McDonald's will start selling a $5 value meal next month

Franchisees gave their OK to the national value promotion, potentially setting the stage for a summertime price war as inflation-weary customers turn away from restaurants.


Prepare for college basketball watch parties with top entertainment investments

Driving sales during special events, offering great deals on drinks and food and—of course—making sure there’s reliable broadcasting of the games is critical. Heres’ a few ways restaurants can set themselves apart from the competition—and ensure a great experience for basketball fans all season long.

New challenges emerged, especially downtown, while many operators looked back wistfully at bygone times, their hands held out for help on costs.

Early evening restaurant visits are up across the board as customers look to socialize while saving some money, according to new data from InMarket.

The upcoming extended weekend can turn out to be a blockbuster or a bust, depending on the whims of consumers.

The boneless variety will be offered at that price exclusively for dine-in orders.

Driving interest—and sales—comes down to more than just the right price.

The bargains are aimed at patrons whose incomes have been disrupted by the federal closure.

The new “Cravings Value Menu” will have items ranging from $1 to $5 and will kick off with a new ad campaign.

Discounts are still a staple, but new come-ons include free rides and tamales.

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