The quest for different and more complex sources of heat is leading chefs to varieties of chile peppers from around the world. They’re moving beyond jalapenos, chipotles and serranos—Mexican chiles now well-known to consumers—to peppers from Africa, Spain, the Middle East, South America, Korea and other locales. And they are using techniques such as pickling and roasting to layer on flavor.

37. Guajillo (Dried mirasol chile from Mexico)


Spicy Chorizo Pizza with guajillo pepper sauce at

California Pizza Kitchen

38. Piquillo (Sweet pepper from Spain)


Steak Po’Boy with spicy piquillo pepper sauce at

Jason’s Deli

39. Peri peri (Small hot pepper from South Africa)


Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce at

Morrison Community Living

40. Aji amarillo (Yellow pepper with fruity flavor from Peru)


Platanos Maduros Plantains with Aji Amarillo sauce at


Source: Technomic Ignite menu data