Behind the Menu


How a change in portioning and plating skyrocketed Fish Fry sales at Bob Evans

Behind the Menu: The family-dining chain introduced the new format at the start of Lent and the wild cod items quickly became best-sellers.


Grand Geneva Resort & Spa's 'Ouisconsin' croissants reflect the state's French legacy

Behind the Menu: Hyper-local Wisconsin ingredients and a three-day baking process turn out pastries that are in high demand by hotel guests.

Behind the Menu: The chain’s newest menu addition aims to break the mold on what a fast-food burger can be, and customers are buying in.

Behind the Menu: The fast casual uses a mushroom-based meat alternative for its Philly Shroomsteak Sandwich, a new menu item targeted to flexitarians, not just vegans.

Behind the Menu: Chef Stephen Parker pairs tangy tamarind and spicy chilies to elevate February’s LTO.

Behind the Menu: Chef-partner Joseph LoNigro highlighted all the best parts of the iconic toaster pastry to create a signature, scratch-made treat that’s easy to execute in a limited kitchen.

Behind the Menu: The eatertainment chain aims to enhance the experience for all family members at its venues, and food is a big part of the upgrade.

Behind the Menu: As new VP of culinary, Joel Reynders is expanding the menu in new directions without losing focus on the bar.

Behind the Menu: The Mexican chain developed shredded beef birria to launch in a traditional taco and quesadilla, but then chef Jeremias Aguayo gave it a decidedly Asian spin.

Behind the Menu: Nine items in test in Virginia are designed to fill a menu gap for the breakfast-centric Southern chain.

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