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Behind the Menu


On the Border revitalizes menu to drive bigger sales and new traffic

The Mexican casual-dining chain upgrades ingredients, plays up flavor to stay ahead of the competition.


KFC’s new chicken nuggets were created to the Colonel’s specs

Behind the Menu: Kentucky Fried Nuggets, now in test, are the first to be hand-breaded with the chain’s original recipe. They're also perfectly sized for on-the-go eating.

Behind the Menu: The Mediterranean cafe developed the burger to showcase cost-effective ground lamb in a familiar format.

Behind the Menu: The fast-casual chain transforms its iconic rotisserie chicken into bite-size portions, positioning them as healthier nuggets.

The U.S. is the chain’s only market that focused primarily on cinnamon—until now. More flavors from Cinnabon’s global locations may be next.

The new Subway Series highlights 12 chef-created sandwiches built with premium ingredients the company already had in its pantry.

The chain partnered with Creamalicious to create Sweet Tea Ice Cream, a dessert mashup with notes of sugar cookie and lemon.

The Mexican-born chain not only had to stay true to its Hispanic customer base, it had to scale up the recipe for 481 locations.

The culinary team worked to perfect the beef blend, cooking technique and execution to bring the chain's premium Wagyu Steakhouse Burger to the menu.

Chef Adam Baird taps ingredients and combinations that are missing in the limited-service space when developing menu items.