Behind the Menu


Noodles & Company moves menu in a heartier direction with its first baked entree

Behind the Menu: Executive chef Nick Graff developed Chicken Parmesan to offer guests a classic Italian main dish at a fast-casual price point.


How Crumbl Cookies creates its weekly rotating menu

Behind the Menu: The fast-growing chain has developed hundreds of recipes in its history using a robust testing process and considerable customer feedback. But most cookies never return to the rotation.

Behind the Menu: The mashup of two favorites—mac ‘n cheese and burgers—took two years to perfect but became the chain’s best-selling limited-time item of the past two years.

Behind the Menu: The chopped cheese sandwich is little known outside of New York City’s neighborhood delis and groceries, but Capriotti’s is set to change that with its latest LTO.

Behind the Menu: Yolanda Gampp partnered with the bakery café chain on three new tennis-themed items—a doughnut, cake slice and latte.

Behind the Menu: The new LTO, currently in test, is the chain's first grilled chicken sandwich introduced since 2019. But it probably won’t be the last.

Every June, David Chang’s fast casual offers a sandwich LTO to support the LGBTQIA+ community. The Sashay Filet Biscuit is the latest.

Executive chef John Karangis loves to cook vegetables, and after many iterations, he found a way to transform them into a burger made with real veggies.

The new Szechuan-inspired menu item, currently in test at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen location, introduces a premium beef in a wok-tossed entree.

Behind the Menu: Orange Chicken works across every menu category—tenders, wings, salads and sandwiches—a goal of the fast casual’s R&D.

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