How Pizza Hut got its mojo back

The pizza chain’s sales improved last quarter despite a weak market for delivery, thanks to Melts, third-party aggregators, and a major franchisee deal two years ago.


Why sports fans are craving Wingstop

Investments in national advertising during NBA and NFL games drove traffic during the first quarter. Also the new chicken sandwich line is attracting new users and boosting frequency.

The tactics range from standardizing units' network platform to cooking bacon in big batches.

The struggling burger chain’s same-store sales increased 8.7% in the U.S. as its marketing efforts take hold.

It’s one of a number of efforts to boost speed at the casual-dining chain, including a smaller menu.

After another quarter of negative transactions, executives said traffic growth is the company's top priority.

The pizza chain’s same-store sales rose 3.6% in the U.S. and its profits improved, sending the company’s stock higher. But the stock quickly turned south later in the morning.

The Chicago-based burger giant is spending the funds on severance payments to laid-off workers and leases for closed field offices. Its sales also surged in the first quarter.

Efforts to improve operations paid off in the first quarter and a Tik Tok-fueled promotion reached new digital sales heights. Also, Chipotle has solved your wrong pickup location problem.

The Chicago-based sandwich chain said its same-store sales and profitability will easily beat expectations this quarter.

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