What President Biden had to say to restaurants

Reality Check: In his State of the Union Address, the chief executive touched on several government actions that would change restaurateurs' world. But except for his comments on immigration, it was deja vu all over again.


New York tries a program for turning asylum seekers into restaurant cooks

A pilot program undertaken with the instructional institution C-CAP aims to steer the immigrants into foodservice jobs, starting with positions in New York City.

Reality Check: The industry can't publicly condemn Abbott's anti-immigrant measure without looking like a chronic lawbreaker.

Asian-American hotel operators can trace their families' arrivals to just a generation or two ago. They appreciate how a more open immigration policy would ease the U.S.'s labor plight.

Under a new initiative championed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the state is serving as a matchmaker between the new arrivals and prospective employers.

Reality Check: Proposals have been floated to get asylum seekers into jobs more quickly. But fears are winning out.

In a lengthy meeting this week, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and senior Biden administration officials pledged to find ways of putting more asylum seekers into jobs. They've already agreed on one way to do it.

All stakeholders seem to agree that comprehensive reform is needed. But that’s where agreement ends.

Here are the dark clouds that could temper restaurants’ enthusiasm for a new year. Then again, the threats could drive them to harder partying.

Policing agencies have been directed to crack down on bad employers and go lighter on employees.

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