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Restaurants figure into NYC’s new immigrant protection rules

Mocking someone for an accent or lack of proficiency in English, or even using the term “illegal alien,” is now illegal.


ICE rounds up immigrant job ring, arrests 133 workers

The sweep targeted restaurants and other businesses in Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada that allegedly conspired to place and exploit undocumented recruits.

Immigration officials have uncovered twice as many alleged instances of improper documentation since September as they did for the prior 12 months.

By 2010, the National Restaurant Association predicts, there will be an estimated 1.7 million new jobs in the restaurant industry—and nowhere near enough U.S. workers to fill them.

How do you attract Hispanics to your restaurant? An early-morning session at the Restaurant Leadership Conference answered that question.

The foodservice industry, whose employees are largely composed of documented and undocumented immigrants, is backing the White House's immigration policies, noting specifically that its growth is dependent on the quantity and quality of its employee base.

Immigrant workers are being encouraged to skip work Thursday in a protest against President Trump's changes in U.S. immigration policy, and consumers of foreign origin are being asked not to spend money. Many restaurants have already said they'll close for the day in a show of solidarity--and perplexity at how to keep operating.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that it is equally important that employers realize that "color" is a separate, protected category under...

Here's what went down and what it foreshadows for employers.

" Companies may want to implement stronger policies against intra-workplace fraternization>In this case, two female employees alleged that their supervisor...

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