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Marketing Bites

Heather Lalley

The weekly column from Senior Editor Heather Lalley looks at the week’s marketing developments in the restaurant space. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and Heather looks at the different campaigns and overall trends.


Heinz takes its plea for more restaurant business directly to consumers

Marketing Bites: The ketchup maker will reimburse diners for their restaurant tips if they push for the Heinz condiment; also, celebrity deals, poké tryouts and Elf on the Shelf.


Gift card season brings merch and holiday hopes of discounts

McDonald’s and Chipotle add the thrill of mystery to their promotions.

Marketing Bites: The company apologized after its app urged customers to eat chicken with cheese to commemorate Kristallnacht. Also: A Veteran's Day free-food itinerary and "Truckersgiving."

Marketing Bites: McDonald’s new Happy Meals feature the Black Panther movie sequel; Checkers and Rally’s celebrate E.T.; Papa John’s shifts to value.

Marketing Bites: Uncertainty about whether the company will bring back “the G.O.A.T. of sandwiches” makes it more alluring; Outback uses college athletes to hock catering.

Marketing Bites: The burger chain proves that you don’t need a big name to have a big impact; Taco Bell brings back a hit marketing effort; Papa John’s gets spooky.

Marketing Bites: Kraft pulls a Big Mac marketing stunt; another brand starts a loyalty program and White Castle answers some questions.

Marketing Bites: McDonald's "adult happy meals" sell well, guess who has the most QSR loyalty, something about Aaron Judge and Liquid Death.

Marketing Bites: No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke; plus, White Castle pushes late night, Nando’s celebrates its South African heritage and more marketing news of the week.

Marketing Bites: Problems with a third-party site kept some customers from getting an in-demand Grimace pool float, a hot dog stand offers free milkshakes with proof of vasectomy, and more marketing news of the week.

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