Want a meal on 2 wheels? Utah may halt bikes in drive-thrus

Proponents say two-wheeled customers in the car lane could get hurt—or could be robbers looking to make a quick getaway.

Taxman is easier to take in Nev. and Fla., study finds

Taxes may be inevitable, but at least they’re a little more tolerable for businesses in Nevada, Florida and Washington, according to a new ranking of the 50 states by their commercial tax codes.

Restaurants, caterers and outdoor food stall operators all must now identify housemade meals with a special logo. The goal is to preserve the nation's culinary reputation, but critics argue the new rules are confusing.

New mandatory conservation rules will require restaurants to hold off from providing water unless it is requested by the guest.

At a tech conference, you expect acronyms to drop like F-bombs at a Sopranos barbecue. POS, PCI, CMS—the presentations were an effing alphabet soup. But one all-caps tag was usually implied rather than said outright, even though it figured into considerable conversation at FSTEC.

Gov. Jerry Brown has indicated he’ll sign into law a bill that was passed during the holiday weekend. The measure would cover 44 percent of employees in the state, which is the nation’s largest restaurant market.

The move is cited by both parties in the debate over franchisors being reclassified as “joint employers” of franchisees’ staffs.

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