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Shake Shack isn't sorry to see delivery drop, especially with kiosks proving a boon

Steering more customers toward self-ordering will be a major strategic objective through 2024, executives say. The chain will also strive to cut its development and construction costs by 10%.


First Watch's management trades high-fives over a drop in third-party deliveries

The drop-off pushed traffic into negative territory, but executives say a simultaneous rise in on-site business is better for the concept.

Both companies say market conditions are complicated by the particulars.

A Deeper Dive: Jim Balis, managing director with CapitalSpring, joins the podcast to talk about the state of the restaurant industry and mergers and acquisitions.

A new survey found that 63% were hit with an increase in 2023, leaving 45% unable to cover their June fee.

The fast-growing Japanese brand wants to bring sushi to the American masses by outsourcing much of the work to machines.

Earnings roundup: Results from smaller operators and several industry suppliers also cast light on the industry’s performance, particularly by independents.

Earnings roundup: Inflation eased, but so did traffic—at least for some. Weather, meanwhile, was a wallop for at least one, a non-issue for the rest.

Chain officials say the high prices of third-party services are driving patrons to dine on-site.

The fast-food sandwich giant slowed its rate of closures in 2022 but still shuttered 571 U.S. restaurants. It has the lowest number of restaurants since 2005.

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