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What’s next for Starbucks?

Early adoption of such now-standard functions as pre-payment of mobile orders has helped Starbucks outpace the industry. What sort of sales and margin and enhancements is it eying now? Here's a preview.


Bertucci’s reportedly prepares a bankruptcy filing

The Italian chain is apparently looking for a buyer.

More than two in five operators have said that, of all factors, higher costs have most negatively impacted their operating profit in the past five years.

A gauge of the storm's impact also shows how a big pay-per-view event TKO'd business.

Early Q1 earnings reports show some big-name players reaping the benefits of programs that began long ago.

Rooftops and patios can be a big draw—if the upfront costs add up.

Venerable business principles and concepts were shipped off to the old folks' home this week, worsening observers' neck arthritis.

Management said the momentum is sustainable.

The operation plans to close about 25 stores.

The Rave Restaurant holding was outperformed by its older sister concept, Pizza Inn.

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