sales and profits

Soup concept made famous by 'Seinfeld' goes bankrupt

The Original Soupman said the Chapter 11 filing is necessary because of legal difficulties and legacy baggage.


Casual dining finally shrinks unit count

The sector closed more units than it opened last year, according to Technomic, after a decade of weak sales.

A portion of the public is stuck on the falsehood that a server is only paid $2.13 an hour, plus the few bucks they might pocket in tips.

No one has pegged the cause of restaurant traffic and sales meltdowns. The consensus holds that restaurant prices are likely a factor, yet there’s no proof.

Despite two years of weak traffic and tension with operators, the burger chain believes low prices are vital to build sales.

The differences lie in how committed the markets are to fostering growth and keeping taxes in check.

The Jesus of Pizza dishes on how his “tribe” strives for a different kind of workplace.

Brian Niccol, in his first Chipotle earnings call, says the company has been “invisible,” and needs to provide more “consumer access.”

The bakery-cafe chain's pending acquisition by JAB Holdings is one of the biggest restaurant deals ever. Here are some other indications of the sale, along with metrics on what the transaction could mean for the industry.

We interrupt the string of bleak industry news to highlight a few reasons for encouragement.

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