A sea of technology

This executive chef keeps guests entertained with fish apps that put sustainability info at the user’s fingertips.


Squash takes over

By the time November rolls around, many restaurant kitchens are elbow-deep in squash.

These days, fussy consumers—and chefs—want local and/or seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu, often along with the name of the farm.

Even before you're sure what you're seeing, the restaurant Habana Outpost, in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, has already hijacked your senses.

Environmental concerns will exert a bigger force in food processing and packaging as players in the supply chain strive to become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

With Americans scouting ways to eat healthier, restaurants in every segment are offering a sizeable selection of side and entree salads. Here's how to pick the right mix for your operation.

America loves Maine lobster, that claw-heavy creature with the snow-white flesh that seems made for melted butter. Tying on a bib and getting up close and personal with a whole boiled Maine lobster is the epitome of summer feasting for many.

Product recalls can be devastating to the restaurant industry, yet traceability along the foodservice supply chain is complicated and outdated. “Foodservice is where retail was 40 years ago,” said Syndee Stiles, vice president of operations support for McLane Foodservice, at Restaurant Leadership Conference session on traceability.

CHICAGO (November 8, 2011 - PR Newswire)—Just as the nation's economic forecast includes mixed signals, restaurants across the U.S. face a varied landscape...

RYE BROOK, NY (April 24, 2012 - Marketwire)—Recently, as part of National Nutrition Month, Branford Public Schools (BPS), CT, teamed up with a local...

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