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This monthly feature tracks new and notable independent restaurant launches from around the country, as well as concepts that are exiting the industry. The goal is to showcase the creativity of operators across all segments and help readers follow their competition in specific markets. Send news of both openings and closings to Lisa Jennings at


Nostalgia in marketing isn't just for older generations

Technomic's Take: Parents and older family members can induce feelings of second-hand nostalgia and FOMO. It's why catering to parents of young children is so important.


Why would Roark Capital buy Subway?

Technomic's Take: The sandwich chain has been shedding locations since 2016. But the brand may be poised for a sustained turnaround.

Technomic's Take: Black Valley Provender in Everett, Penn., shows how a restaurant can operate in a small town using local ingredients and higher-priced menus.

Technomic's Take: Putting out a minimally viable product may be easier on the pocketbook, but not being ready for prime time may cost you a lot more.

Technomic's Take: Labor has been a perennial problem for the industry and automation could help. But consumers are skeptical. And the cost is substantial.

Technomic's Take: Younger consumers are less likely to say prices are increasing. Is it their short attention span or their short time on earth?

Technomic's Take: Diners, even if they're alone, tend to spend more the longer they stay at a restaurant.

Technomic's Take: Many restaurant operators are considering dynamic pricing strategies. They should tread carefully.

Technomic's Take: Regulatory requirements, ESG goals and local weather patterns will be the key drivers of major innovation in these restaurants.

Technomic's Take: Women are far more likely to say they order from restaurants because they don't have the energy to cook. Here's how operators should respond to that need.

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