Starbucks wins its Supreme Court union case

The nation's highest court agreed that more stringent criteria should have been weighed before a U.S. district court granted an NLRB's petition to stop pro-union employees from being fired.


Trump woos restaurant workers with a promise to stop taxing tips

Government Watch: Waffle House employees win a raise in the wake of union activity, and New York restaurants welcome a limit on reservation scalping.

Government Watch: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has indefinitely suspended congestion pricing, shielding the local industry from a crimp in its supply chain. The development was one of several breaks this week in the business' favor.

Employers in other fields say they're feeling intense pressure to raise pay. Plus, they want to see a break from the pro-labor legislation of the last decade or more.

One Fair Wage said its research shows young residents would be more likely to vote if the issue hung in the balance.

Working Lunch: "We may be on the verge of having an organizing effort in the fine-dining segment."

Working Lunch: The new process is already being used against single-unit operations.

Working Lunch: Unions say they want the practice stopped. But their real aim is to alienate the Black community.

Proponents of killing the credit acknowledged this week that legislation outlawing the employer concession is virtually dead for this year.

The industry and its allies are pushing legislation that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 but keep the credit. The move is intended to thwart an effort to both raise the wage and kill the credit through a ballot initiative.

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