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Union organizers make more headway at Starbucks

A second store has unionized, and a vote on organizing starts at a third on Friday.


5 anvils dangling over restaurateurs’ heads

Reality Check: Any new year brings areas of uncertainty and concern. Here are the big ones confronting the foodservice industry.

Lawmakers and regulators pushed forward on matters ranging from food inflation to takeout packaging restrictions.

Meanwhile, the operators of three cafes in Massachusetts have voluntarily agreed to recognize union representation of their employees.

Little will change at the Buffalo, N.Y., location that voted to join a union, said North American President Rossann Williams. But she also said the vote was not official.

Two industry groups have jointly asked to join a lawsuit aiming to define the term in an employee-friendlier fashion.

The communication from Kevin Johnson promises collaboration between headquarters and cafe staff members. It also pledges to increase staffing and deliver on new benefits.

The federal regulator has asked a federal court to direct the parent of Daily Grill to negotiate quickly and responsibly.

Staff members leading the organizing effort in Buffalo, N.Y., say they're fielding inquiries from other stores. Meanwhile they're already thinking about contract negotiations.

Employees of a Tudor's Biscuit World unit in West Virginia have petitioned federal regulators to schedule a union vote.

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