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Unions find opportunity in restaurants' COVID-19 woes

Restaurants may be less busy than they've ever been, but the same can't be said for labor advocates.


NLRB narrows franchisors' liability with new joint employer standard

The redefinition narrows the circumstances under which a restaurant brand's owner can be held accountable for a franchisee's possible violation of union protection laws.

So what if they can’t keep a restaurant open under the very conditions they’re demanding?

The front-runner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination said the chain’s workforce needs to be organized to counter the franchisor’s power.

The decision settles a five-year dispute that held profound implications for any restaurant franchisor.

Labor advocates have amplified their accusations that the chain tolerates sexual mistreatment. They’re also calling again for the franchisor to be treated as a joint employer.

The SEIU wants McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to be summoned to the negotiating table.

Nineteen employees who depend on tips explain why they don’t want to see that payroll break end for employers.

Employees of the Little Big Burger QSRs narrowly decided to remain independent.

I should be participating in a press event that intends to tie use of the tip credit to slavery. But it wouldn't have me.

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