How to sweeten every experience

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Most guests like to sweeten their drinks, according to a recent study—a proprietary 2022 Sweeteners Study from Technomic indicates that guests enjoy drinks like coffee and tea as well as other specialty beverages more when they can customize them. A little packet at the end of the counter may seem like a small thing, but it can have big traffic implications. The same Technomic study found that guests are more likely to visit a foodservice establishment that serves their sweeteners of choice.

Keeping up with the shifting preferences of consumers isn’t easy. With consumers’ growing interest in plant-based foods and more premium options such as organic and natural foods, it’s hard for operators to know where best to spend their limited budget. However, there is a cost-effective way to attract artificial-averse diners: put organic, natural and plant-based sweeteners in plain sight. This signals that their preferences are being taken seriously, and it makes the entire beverage lineup more appealing.

Consumers care about sweeteners, and a diversified beverage landscape requires all kinds. See what sweeteners work best in these top beverage categories:

  • Iced coffees Iced coffees are all the rage amongst coffee drinkers these days, which makes it vital to include sweeteners like Stevia In The Raw® or Sweet‘N Low® for their quick-dissolving properties.

  • Hot coffees More than half of consumers would order a different drink that doesn’t require sweetener or avoid purchasing their drink all together if their preferred sweetener isn’t around, according to Technomic’s 2022 Proprietary Sweeteners Study. Having an abundant collection of the most popular sweeteners allows operators to cater to every type of consumer that comes to their establishment.

  • Specialty beverages When it comes to smoothies, lattes and juices, the majority of consumers don’t always get the option on what sweetener type is used. Asking guests how they’d like their beverage sweetened can take customization a step further and satisfy their unique nutritional demands and flavor preferences.

It’s never been more important to get to know the guests visiting a given establishment. From the kinds of foods they are craving and drinks they are thirsty for, to the sweeteners they prefer, details matter. A commitment to serving what makes them the most happy helps build a loyal consumer base.

Ready to leave more sippers truly satisfied? Start with this sweet deal from some of the top sweetener brands out there.

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