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Why invest in wine and cocktail service?

As consumers become choosier, offering a high-end experience is key.
Arc Cardinal

The pandemic forced many consumers’ dining behaviors to shift in big ways; according to Technomic’s recent Delivery and Takeout Consumer Trend Report, 60% of consumers said they anticipated that they’d continue to use curbside pick-up even after dine-in service resumed. In other words, consumers are increasingly opting to order delivery or takeout rather than dining in person.

With consumers’ dining out occasions having shrunk over the past few years, it’s never been more important for restaurant operators to offer an experience a cut above the rest. Many operators are working overtime to strategize and brainstorm ways to attract more diners to the dining room—refining the menu, perhaps redecorating, offering specials, etc.—but one area that may be overlooked is the wine and cocktail service offering.

Updating and upgrading wine and cocktail service is an easy way to elevate the experience for the customer—and it can also benefit workers. Here’s a few reasons why operators should rethink their beverage service—particularly wine and cocktails.

Better presentation means more social media-worthy opportunities

Choosing budget glassware may seem like the way to go when running a restaurant—this accounts for broken or stolen glasses, of course. But when it comes to the way the glasses look when serving drinks, budget options may not be the best option. By choosing glassware that gives a more upscale experience, such as Krysta glassware from Arc Cardinal, operators can feel confident their diners are pleased with their drinks, from the taste to the presentation. Krysta glassware retains complete transparency and long-lasting brilliance, and the super-thin edges make for a premium drinking experience. What’s more, higher-end glassware is more attractive, which may lead to more diners taking photos of their drinks and sharing them on social media—which can lead to more buzz for the restaurant and in turn, more traffic.

Durability and dishwashing resistance makes life easier for staff

Another reason to invest in quality bar and drinkware is durability. Krysta glassware is designed to resist corrosion associated with repeated dishwashing, and compared to other crystal glassware, in fact, Krysta is 30% stronger. It resists degradation and remains brilliant for up to 2,000 wash cycles, ensuring a beautiful look on the table—no need to worry about cloudy glassware. By increasing the durability and lifespan of glassware, staff don’t have to worry about glassware shortages or customers being unsatisfied with their beverage experience.

Quality drinkware offers an array of benefits for operators: Enhanced presentation can elevate guest experiences, and durability can ease staff stress—which is especially important given today’s current labor challenges. To learn more about Krysta glassware from Arc Cardinal, click here.

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