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Sauces across dayparts: recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond

Sauces are one of the most-preferred methods for imparting flavor into a dish—Technomic’s recent Flavor Consumer Trend Report finds that 60% of consumers say so. Many dishes on menus can be sauced to increase appeal—but for operators, adding scratch-made sauces to an array of menu items can be labor intensive, something that isn’t very feasible, especially now while dealing with a labor crunch.

Thankfully, operators aren’t bound to making sauces from scratch in order to boost flavor, indulgence and appeal. What’s more, sauces don’t necessarily need to be innovative or made with new flavors—the classics sell very well—so adding them to popular menu items is easy and versatile. Operators can use pre-made cheese sauces, chilis and entrees from CHEF-MATE® across the menu during all dayparts—breakfast, lunch, dinner and even on snacks—to increase consumer enjoyment and up the indulgence factor. Here are a few ways to add sauces, chilis and entrees to the menu.

Breakfast: Offer up a mashup of two breakfast favorites, corned beef hash and eggs benedict. Eggs Benedict made with Chef-Mate Corned Beef Hash and MINOR’S® Hollandaise Sauce comes together in minutes for a hearty, satisfying and comforting morning meal.

Lunch: A comfort food classic, chili dogs, are easier than ever when made with CHEF-MATE® Hot Dog Chili Sauce with Beef. Simply top each hot dog with chili, then sprinkle mild cheddar cheese on top for a melty, delicious dish.

Dinner: Combine diners’ love for comfort foods with global food trends by serving up a Mexican Burger. Start with a black bean burger patty and a whole wheat hamburger bun, then top with red onion, bell peppers and onion, then finish with CHEF-MATE® Que Beuno White Queso Sauce for a tasty twist on a menu classic.

Snacks: Loaded fries get an update. Southern Fries, featuring sweet potato wedges and cheddar cheese, along with CHEF-MATE® Country Sausage Gravy give diners a unique option to indulge in.

To learn more about sauce options and other ingredients products from CHEF-MATE®, click here.   

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