Exploring the chicken segment investment

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As trends come and go, there is one segment that seems to always withstand the test of time and make its way to the top—chicken. Operators across the world are flocking to invest within the chicken space. Its impressive track record against other restaurant segments makes chicken an attractive space to capitalize on.

Though the segment boasts overall success, finding a standout investment to grow a portfolio with is easy for the right operator. There is a wide array of brands to sort through, but what makes something a star investment in a growing segment? The right criteria will weed out the brands that are not up to par, until only one remains.

The importance of executive team support

Having a solid foundation is important—it is what drives a brand’s success. Extensive support is vital for brands to thrive in this day and age. As challenging times continue to persist, seasoned executives need to understand how to quickly adapt and offer prompt support for operators.

Executive teams and the assistance they offer can make or break success in the chicken segment, and one brand has perfected its support method to ensure the prosperity of all its franchisees—Slim Chickens.

Take it from Mike Sartwell, a multi-unit franchisee who owns locations in Montana and North Dakota: “Our opening was massive, bigger than anything I’ve experienced before—and I’ve been in the industry for a while,” he said. “But it wasn’t the incredible preparation from the Slim Chickens corporate team that surprised me. It was when they committed more of their time and more of their people to our location beyond opening week to help us get through the surge. Not every brand is that dedicated to helping their franchisees weather a storm—especially when the storm is technically a good one!”

Menu diversity for all to enjoy

One of the most vital aspects of choosing the right chicken brand is the food. Brands that have a dedication to quality will develop a devoted fanbase that will not only raise the return on investment, but give operators a sense of pride for the offerings they are bringing to communities.

Investing in a chicken concept can seem limiting, as there is just one main offering, but there are a variety of ways to spruce up a menu to satisfy a variety of guests. Slim Chickens, for example, has designed its menu to appeal to all guests—young or old, single diners or families. Its array of chicken sandwiches and tender meals are enough to satiate any customer, not to mention Slims’ 17 house-made dipping sauces and delectable jar desserts.

An established welcoming environment for guests and operators alike

A brand that is built on a welcoming environment will allow for greater connections within a given market. Establishing a specific vibe, like Slim Chickens’ signature Southern hospitality, welcomes guests in to enjoy the menu diversity the brand worked so hard for. Slim Chickens’ commitment to its welcoming environment, great food and extensive support can be attributed to its $3.86M average unit volume*, and operators should keep a watchful eye on the breakthrough better-chicken brand.

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*AUV of Group #1 in the 2022 FDD Item 19

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