Steak ‘n Shake reopens one of its restaurants

The burger chain, which had been closing dozens of locations, has reopened a St. Louis store under its new refranchising initiative.


At age 100, A&W considers the next century

One of the industry’s oldest chains and franchisors sees new opportunities in its veneration of the past.

The company and its vendors are providing more than $100 million in grants to operators to spur remodels by the end of 2020.

The price of the restaurants, which had been operated by former NBA great Junior Bridgeman, was not disclosed.

5171 Campbells Land Co. seeks credit protection after the brand sues to terminate its stores.

Both CEO David Burke and CFO Phyllis Knight resigned from Diversified Restaurant Holdings as founder Michael Ansley returns as interim chief executive.

The company terminated one of its largest franchisees over unpaid royalties following the closure of a location over health code violations.

In an amended lawsuit, the operators’ franchise association says the franchisor’s cost cutting is squeezing franchisees.

The franchisor has filed at least three recent lawsuits accusing operators of not properly vetting worker eligibility.

The attorney general of each has urged the DOL to broaden the definition beyond what franchisors support.