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Jerry Richardson, football star turned Hardee's biscuit maker, dies at age 86

A former owner of the Carolina Panthers NFL team, the North Carolina native made his money as a Hardee's franchisee. He would later operate Quincy's, Denny's and El Pollo Loco, among other restaurant brands.


The FTC is taking a harder look at franchise practices

The agency is seeking comments on franchisors' business practices and the control they exert over franchisees and their employees, potentially setting the stage for changes in franchise regulations.

Fast-food restaurants are not advertising the type of mass discounts that marked past downturns. Instead, they’re flooding apps with deals. And franchisees have started to push back.

In food service, consumers across the globe are becoming increasingly drawn to Korean restaurant concepts.

The fast-food burger chain has new deals to open restaurants in Florida and Arkansas, bringing the first new franchisees into the brand in years. And it is turning around its restaurants in St. Louis.

For franchises, growth is paramount. But accomplishing that is proving more difficult thanks to rising interest rates, construction costs and labor issues.

The franchisor plans to offer aggressive incentives and new prototypes to make opening restaurants more appealing. "We need to do our part," the new leader said.

The burger chain is increasing its incentives to convince operators to open additional restaurants as it seeks to speed unit growth. But it is also walking back its deal with Reef Kitchens.

Saying that, “our business model is under attack,” Chris Kempczinski urged franchises to push back against efforts at the state and federal level to regulate franchises and fast-food businesses.

The burger chain, which has shifted to a counter-service model with kiosks, turned a profit last year. But it did so from fewer locations as traditional franchisees closed restaurants.

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