Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


4 new takes on ham classics

Ham is on the upswing on menus, but not in the way consumers are used to. Beyond sandwiches, it’s making moves toward the center of the plate—as well as charcuterie boards and small plates.


Burger King introduces spicy chicken nuggets

The LTO is debuting with a promotion that takes aim at Wendy’s.

The chain has added two new pizzas and appetizers to its menu this month.

LTOs are the lifeblood of restaurant operations, particularly in the hyper-competitive chain marketplace.

These eight food and drink forces shaped menus this year.

Spicy flavors continue to find favor with today’s consumers. To heat up the menu with something new, try one of these four recipes.

From Mediterranean plancha cooking to bona fide pitmaster grilling, the art of roasting food over a heat source is a celebrated culinary tradition.

Our industry pros share what they think will rock menus in 2011.

Chia is the new superfood. Yes, that chia, of the “pet” craze in the 1980s. Favored by the Aztecs, this herb is still popular in Mexico, where the whole seeds are mixed with fruit juices to make chia fresca.

Millennials continue to exert influence on the world of beverages. They like their drinks on the sweet side and they like lots of choices. Suppliers have gotten the message and responded with specialty beverages aimed at that finicky demographic.

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