Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Family meals and meal kits continue to be popular for takeout and delivery

Family meals and kits appeal to households sheltering in place.


Menuing tasty seafood limited-time offers

Lent, health and more contribute to the success of seafood specials.

Like other activities, holiday meals are pivoting to accommodate social distancing and lockdown guidelines.

Chefs are taking to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms to offer video cooking classes to housebound customers

Here are a few ideas for maximizing National Soft Pretzel Month.

The chain plans to temporarily simplify its menu as it helps franchisees operate more efficiently during the coronavirus shutdown.

Kitchens are adding takeout and delivery dinners that feed larger groups.

When it comes to restaurant operators looking to increase sales during special-occasion seasons, offering premium desserts is a recipe for success.

CEO Chris Birkinshaw shares his strategies for scaling up.

Offering shareable dishes in the form of appetizers, snacks or small, family-style entrees allows operators to leverage consumer interest in flavor exploration.

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