Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


What to eat on the Show floor: Meaty edition

The Show offered tasty options down every aisle for animal-protein fans.


What to eat on the Show floor: Plant-based edition

Plant-based foods are going from niche to mainstream, as evidenced by their commanding presence on the floor of the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show.

On May 9, 11 chefs spent a competitive day crafting and working pizza dough, developing unique toppings and sauces and combining innovative blends of California cheeses. That day, the California Milk ...

Dairy innovation company JoeFroyo is on a mission to make dairy that is more thoughtful, more functional and more intelligent. With two functional lactose-free dairy beverages under their belts—Probio...

It’s no longer a trend, but an expectation. Plant-focused eating is here to stay.

Technomic tracks the latest ingredients and flavors trickling down to mainstream menus.

Technomic’s look into global menu innovation reveals some surprises.

Consumers’ eating habits are shifting, and sugar is one of the main targets.

The chain is adding the product to three markets, despite supply concerns, ahead of a planned national launch.

Beef is a popular protein, but what can restaurants do if they want diners to order more of it?