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Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


McDonald’s will start selling Spicy Chicken McNuggets

It’s the first time the chain is introducing a spicy version of the iconic product as the company starts marketing new products again.


An upscale hotel restaurant opens with many bells and whistles

Ambitious plans for Eldr+Rime in Wisconsin’s first Renaissance Hotel were in the works pre-pandemic, and little changed for the opening.

Constant innovation is helping Morrison and its teams of chefs adapt successfully during the pandemic and beyond.

“You want fries with that?” has become a catchphrase for a reason. Regardless of cuisine type, occasion or meal part, there’s a way to incorporate french fries into a dish to instantly make it all the more craveable.

The pizza giant spent three years of R&D to upgrade its chicken wings.

In a time where efficiency is a must, the need for differentiation remains.

Cheese is, for many consumers, a must-have.  Burgers are better with a melty slice and a pizza isn’t a pizza without a stretchy layer of mozzarella.

The fast casual is looking to boost convenience and efficiency for the growing number of customers ordering online.

Operators are streamlining menus to adapt to pandemic-era dining.

Restaurants are adding more plant-forward choices to menus in response to demand.

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