Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Rethinking the lunch combo

43% of consumers say that when they order a sandwich from a restaurant, they prefer to order a combo. This is why, according to Technomic, 84% of restaurants offer them.


3 seasonal tips for boosting dessert sales

For foodservice operators considering seasonal options, striking a balance between items that are indulgent and delicious with better-for-you options can be challenging. Here are some tips to find that balance.

Menu news of the week for Feb. 17, 2020

Operators can enhance fries with a number of ingredients and toppings to attract variety-seeking consumers as well as increase their own profitability.

CMO Donna Josephson offers insights on menu evolution, the labor challenge and more.

Here are three strategies to consider for satisfying consumers’ cravings for global cuisines and plant-based eating.

Casual- and family-dining chains are adding premium fried items as new lures, mindful of how well sandwiches have worked for Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.

Diners are interested in high-quality ingredients in their desserts. Test your knowledge of what they’re looking for when they order.

Give menus a refresh with trending ingredients and flavors.

A quick look at the many ways restaurants menu tilapia suggests its flexible nature.

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