Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


There’s no place like home

Home is where the heart is – and, often, the palate. Whether it’s barbecue in Kansas City, deep dish pizza in Chicago, key lime pie in Florida or any other geographically-based fare, favorite foods in many parts of the country are deeply rooted in local culture.


The power of partnerships

For four generations, the Schuman family has earned a reputation for delivering world-class cheese products to customers around the world. Founded as an importing business, Schuman Cheese continues to search for the finest cheeses to bring home to the U.S. market.

The dish will be offered as a snack, a side for lunch and dinner, and as a catering option.

After the fast-casual chain’s first cheese sauce was widely criticized for being lumpy and prone to congeal, the company is testing a revamped recipe.

Listen as Karen Eadon, Farmer Boys’ president and COO, tells "Menu Feed" how the chain is staying true to its farm-to-table mission as it expands beyond its California roots.

The chain plans to test a Beyond Meatball Marinara in 685 locations next month.

The new items, similar to what Chipotle introduced earlier this year, include high-protein and vegan options.

The chain drew in diners with its limited-time Applewood Bacon-Wrapped Scallops Starter.

See how the chain executed its new Power Breakfast Sandwich, setting the table for healthier menu items.

Mango may often be thought of as a summer indulgence—with flavors that complement an array of food and drinks, and warm-weather menus play a part in its popularity.

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