Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


3 reasons reducing sugar is good for the restaurant business

Consumers’ eating habits are shifting, and sugar is one of the main targets.


Burger King expands its Impossible Whopper test

The chain is adding the product to three markets, despite supply concerns, ahead of a planned national launch.

With this approach, diners and operators alike win—diners get to indulge in the tasty desserts they crave, all while feeling good about their choices; and operators enjoy steady sales throughout the day.

A blend that boosts the meaty flavor customers crave, with a reduced environmental impact. Meat, meet mushrooms.

Menu launches are showcasing seasonal ingredients and innovative flavors.

The burger giant is bringing four international favorites to the U.S. for a limited time.

Some like it hot, some like it spicy and some are constantly on the hunt for maximum heat.

By menuing new formats and flavors with familiar and well-loved proteins such as chicken, operators can stay ahead of the curve and offer craveable new dishes that may dethrone customers’ current favorites.

As the trend toward grab-and-go meals grows, restaurant owners feel growing pressure to create new, diverse menus.

The company has been adding vegan and vegetarian products in other markets and seems open to the idea of adding one domestically.