RB's 2020 Restaurant Holiday Gift Guide

Consumers apparently want to look and smell like their favorite restaurants, and chains are here to give it to them.
Photographs courtesy of the brands

There is a seemingly endless supply  of products designed to help consumers look and smell like their favorite restaurant chain this holiday season.

Sorting all of this out can be a hassle, however. Fortunately, Restaurant Business is here for you with our annual Restaurant Holiday Gift Guide, your source of anything potentially worthy of that fast-food lover in your life.

That said, since some of these things are going quickly, so you may just find out what you could have bought that fast-food lover.



The Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow

Really, who hasn’t wanted to stick their head in a turkey?

Thanks to Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow, you now have your chance. Well, you might have gotten your chance if they hadn’t sold out faster than Playstation 5s.

But you can still potentially win one of these phenomenal over-the-head pillows at—where, absent the pillow, you can see what your head would look like while wearing one.

It’s a pillow that looks like a deep-fried turkey and features the Arby’s logo, and you wear it while taking a nap on a Zoom meeting.



Sonic sock swag

Arby’s sister chain Sonic also is selling stuff, which you can find on its online “swag shop.” If you'd started shopping earlier, you would have found Sonic socks, including a red pair featuring corn dogs, blue ones with shakes and white socks with Cherry Limeade designs.

But you can still find such gems as $2,500 Sonic roller skates (one still available) and a beach cruiser for $450 (still available), but not the $5,000 Sonic ice machine.  It's gone.


Bo Jangles

Bo Boxers

OK, so maybe you can’t find socks or an Arby’s pillow, but Bojangles is here for you: The company’s online store features a “Bojangles Biscuit Pillow” for $29.95. There is also a “3-piece brunch ensemble” for $119.85 that features a yellow Bojangles sweatshirt, biscuit t-shirt and yellow shorts.

But I’m particular to the “Bo Boxers,” for $28.98, a veritable bargain for the right to wear underpants with the word “Bo” on them.



Dunkin’ merch

You can still find plenty of clothing on Dunkin’s online holiday shop, all of it in the company’s understated color tone of pink and orange.

There you can find such things as a Dunkin’ duvet cover for $80, perfect for those times when you want to wrap yourself in the company’s logo, as well as a Dunkin’ themed Keurig mini brewer. But we were particularly enthralled with the “Dunkin’ Chillin’ Mini Fridge” that retails for $350, fits on your counter and holds more than 40 cans or bottles. And you can apparently sit on it.




The KFC firelog

If there was a Hall of Fame for restaurant chain merch, there would be a KFC wing decorated with a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug and featuring one of these: The KFC firelog.

The log smells like the chain’s Original Recipe chicken when burned and can be bought at Walmart for $15.88 right now.

True story: If you ever watch a video webinar featuring the author of this piece—and I know you have—look closely in the background and you’ll see one of these logs. Yes, my office smells like chicken.


Carl's Jr.

The Monster Essence Diffuser

This is the perfect item for those of you who want your house to smell like bacon and beef but don’t want to go through the hassle of making and eating a bacon cheeseburger.

The dual chain Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. have come up with the Monster Essence Diffuser, which is meant to smell like the chains’ Monster Angus Thickburgers. It smells like applewood smoked bacon and Angus beef. Alas, you can only win this through the chains’ Instagram feed.


Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut weighted blanket

So maybe you do not want to be wrapped in Dunkin’ but wouldn't mind getting deep touch pressure stimulation from a pizza?

Then the Pizza Hut Original Pan Weighted Blanket is for you. It’s a 15-pound Gravity Blanket designed to look like a pepperoni Pan Pizza, so you can have a pizza “leverage the proven therapeutic power of deep touch pressure stimulation,” as the promotional copy promises.


Waffle House

Waffle House Beer

We’ve all wanted beer with our bacon, and Waffle House is here for us. The family chain has its own official beer, “Bacon & Kegs,” a bacon-infused red ale from Oconee Brewing Co. out of Greenwood, Ga.

Those of you looking for more traditional merchandise can head to its online shop where you can find these awesome $20 Waffle House sleeves. They’re just sleeves for when your arms are cold but the rest of your upper body is warm.


In n Out

In-N-Out longboard

For a California chain, it only makes sense to sell this $90 longboard featuring hibiscus flowers, palm trees and of course In-N-Out, with a design by Joseph Reyna. Wheels and trucks are not included, but with their quick addition you’ll be able to ride to your local In-N-Out, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that has one.



Cinnabon cream cheese frosting

Last but certainly not least, Cinnabon is now selling limited-edition pints of its Cream Cheese Frosting for $5.99, which makes sense for those of us who love their cinnamon rolls for the frosting.

Cinnabon even gives you hints on what to do with that frosting. But just give me the pint and a spoon and leave me alone for a while.

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