All restaurants win during March Madness, new research shows

New research shows that a considerable positive impact is felt by restaurants across the board, not just big marketers or operations with a hometown team in the hunt.


Cooper’s Hawk will let wine club members earn points at Ruth’s Chris

The upscale steak chain will waive the corkage fee for members who bring their Cooper’s Hawk wine with them, through the end of April.

RB takes an inside look at the chicken chain’s marketing machine and how it comes up with ideas like the Colonel Sanders bearskin rug.

The burrito chain launched its new loyalty program Tuesday and is giving away up to $250,000 through Venmo.

A chicken bucket hot tub? A "smart cane" remote? The chain is asking supporters to back its newest marketing gimmick.

The sandwich chain has introduced a reconfigured menu with bundled meals and smaller versions of products to get customers to try new things.

The documentary-style pieces give a behind-the-scenes look at the chain’s kitchens.

The Dallas-based chain announced a partnership with Super League Gaming to bring events to its locations.

The chicken chain will let consumers win the rug in a Reddit creativity contest.

The once “quiet” brand has shifted its marketing and advertising to get in front of customers.