Papa John’s introduces new loyalty program

The pizza chain says Papa Rewards will give out points faster than before.


5 chains getting festive with holiday merchandise

From mugs to onesies, here are some of the wacky branded goodies chains are offering up now.

The Mexican QSR chain took over Big Ben to celebrate its upcoming opening in the city.

But the gain came from higher checks, not a rise in traffic.

Del Taco, McDonald’s and Burger King results suggest that it takes more than cheap offers to get customers, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The casual-dining operator has hired a new CMO, CFO and ops specialist.

The rollout requires the addition of new equipment, packaging and training.

The chain is offering free chicken to customers who make a 12-hour drive from Fort Stockton, Texas, to New Orleans.

The industry now knows what a pile of frozen pizzas were doing inside a Little Caesars, and just how far In-N-Out intends to grow beyond its California roots.

A Washington, D.C., hot spot quickly backtracked from a promo tied to the Kavanaugh hearings, while an Atlanta beer specialist drew fire for hosting a controversial candidate.