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Village Inn opens inside Granite City under new co-branding arrangement

Parent BBQ Holdings hopes the pairing will generate more revenue from the same box. The location also features an updated look and menu for Village Inn.


Carl’s Jr. and Hardees tie into Jurassic World Dominion with dinosaur-themed menu

The new Primal Menu launches Wednesday, ahead of the movie’s release on June 10.

The pizza chain has a new mind ordering app, an immersive experience designed to mimic Hawkins, Ind., in 1986, the location of the show “Stranger Things.” The app uses facial recognition and eye movements to let customers order pizzas.

Duo’s Taqueria, slated to open next month in Pittsburgh, will offer food discounts and freebies if customers can answer a question in Spanish.

The chain’s new “From Wisconsin With Love” ads come along with a 17-city food truck tour with cheese curds and frozen custard.

All but shut down during the pandemic, New York City’s tourist hub is now reenergized. And restaurants want a piece of the action.

The app formerly known as GetUpside generates promotions from businesses with the goal of helping them attract new customers.

Restaurant Rewind gets the inside scoop from one of the bovines that made it happen.

Customers can earn points, or “jacks,” with every dollar spent and exchange them for a variety of rewards.

The experienced hospitality marketer joins the 20-unit brewpub chain as it looks to expand.

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