Restaurants spring for leap day deals

Marketing Bites: It only comes around every four years, after all. Plus, lots of developments in restaurant loyalty programs.


Taco Bell plucks a trio of young chefs to reimagine the Crunchwrap

The Mexican fast-food chain launched a program to spotlight emerging chefs. The first group will develop a new type of the Crunchwrap Supreme.

We loved them once. Will we love them again? Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings talk about the wave of restaurant brand revivals attempting to make what's old new again.

Marketing Bites: Chains are consoling those who’ve recently been dumped, as well as offering to do the breaking up on behalf of their customers.

The owner of The Weather Channel had sought $100 million from the fast-food giant over ad spending, but a judge dismissed the case on free speech grounds.

The chain on Thursday is adding a third tier to its loyalty program: an annual subscription option for $100.

Marketing Bites: For some brands, it’s the biggest day of the year. And one Chicago operator is partnering with a cannabis company for some very special wing sauce.

Size matters when it comes to listing calorie counts, as customers may be more likely to choose a menu item when nutrition info is printed in a larger typeface.

The list, which celebrates independents, is based on Yelp ratings, number of reviews and more. Vegetarian Latin restaurant Tumerico in Tucson, Ariz., took the No. 1 spot.

This resolution season, the chain is partnering with the Strava app, mapping out segments to run, bike or walk that end at a Chipotle.

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