Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden also win in ‘Jeopardy!’ showdown

A ranking of chain commercials by consumer engagement shows the game program delivered for its restaurant sponsors.


12 reveals from this week’s big restaurant event

The three dozen chains participating in the ICR Conference provided plenty of aha moments. Here’s a sampling of the surprising tidbits that were aired.

The company is promoting its new national delivery partnership with DoorDash this week with a sandwich giveaway.

Full-service TV advertising was dominated by Applebee's and Olive Garden, which both put a spotlight on attractively priced new offers.

The store is less than half the size of a traditional unit, with an emphasis on the bar and off-premise business.

The chain’s “Delay Your Way” promotion lets customers get coupons for the plant-based product through its app.

A new feature of Restaurant Business looks at the week’s most effective TV ads.

Here are some sleeper stories that could get hearts beating faster.

Just in time for the holidays: More restaurant-branded merch than ever before.

Six months into the job, James O’Reilly is re-stoking the barbecue.

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