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TGI Fridays launches plant-based chili with a Potato in Chief as spokesperson

Presidential candidate Loaded Potato Skin ties the chain’s new menu item into the election.


How a small Texas city is subsidizing restaurant business

Stephenville is providing households with a $25 voucher.

Jeannie Cho will take over the chain’s marketing and brand strategy as it looks to grow.

The chain has started selling the J Balvin Meal, featuring a Big Mac, fries and an Oreo McFlurry.

Among his responsibilities will be the development of a virtual concept.

Taste Tracker: National days celebrating coffee, tacos and vegetarian dishes are driving menu promotions, along with more meal deals.

The industry veteran received the promotion after five years with the company.

The company is shifting control of its supply chain amid shortages of some supplies, including Quarter Pounder beef and bacon, as sales far exceed expectations.

The company introduces Spicy Chicken McNuggets Wednesday on the heels of its popular Travis Scott promotion.

A new survey shows that the exclusion of fans from most stadiums will be a boon to takeout and delivery.

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