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Bill Main is a nationally-recognized author, consultant and speaker. His company, Bill Main & Associates, specializes in strategic growth plans for foodservice entrepreneurs. For information on how you can grow your top line revenues through innovative marketing, menu, leadership and training systems, visit

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Flavor is never out of season

Once upon a time, chefs relied on the foods grown in their own backyards, on their own farms, or obtained at the local farmer's market.

What I like about you

Unique Experience Propositions, or "UEPs," are qualities of your brand that make you different, better and special. Why not ask your guests what they like about you?

In a previous post, we introduced our prepaid expenses system, which allows you to spread an expense over the accounting periods to which it applies, rather than it appearing in just the period it's paid or invoiced.

Developing a good menu requires more than a great design and intuition about the layout and pricing of the menu items. The more data you can generate about sales and profit, the more likely you are to have a profitable menu.

Watching the Tour de France is always exciting. I became hooked on the sport as I watched Lance Armstrong, the young American cancer survivor, compete for and win an unprecedented seven tours.

You've switched to 4-week accounting periods. You're using the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants. You're even taking inventories and calculating prime costs on a weekly basis. So why do the other "numbers" on your P&L still look screwy?

Consistently great food has created a need for a new point of differentiation among restaurants. Thus the (next) age of service has arrived. Leading the charge in a growing number of establishments is the maitre d'hotel.

Designing an effective recruiting ad is both an art and a science. A combination of careful and specific wording, a bold and creative design, and a bit of fun can ensure that you draw the best candidates to your organization.

I watched the final episode of "The Apprentice" last week. I admit that I've become intrigued with how Donald Trump leads the contestants vying for a coveted position in his company.

New business and management books are introduced nearly daily, claiming a new trend, a new technique, a new paradigm for success. But it's rare that these books strike a chord in their simplicity, universality and practicality, and stand the test of time.

Juries are crucial to our country's democratic process. Without them, our legal system would grind to a halt.

After location, location, location, the next most influential factor in real estate is the concept of curb appeal.

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