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Pour me a cold one

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and your guests are ready for a change of pace. Summertime evokes images of lazy days by the pool, or a hammock swinging in the breeze. And the image isn't complete without a nice, cool drink in hand.

Rounding strategy

Take a quick look at your menu. Do you have items with prices like $14.25, or $3.85? Did you use a pricing strategy to determine if $14.25 is the optimum price to charge? You can increase profits by rounding in the right increments.

For many of you it will be your busiest day of the year...It's Mother's Day! And what a great day to get the word out about Father's Day...

The retail and health care industries are luring good foodservice employees away by paying them higher wages.

A small investment of time might save you some money.

If your menu is laid out in categories--appetizers, entrées, soups & salads, desserts, etc., apply this method to categories with at least 6 - 8 items.

Wouldn't a list of the service staff's most important duties and responsibilities be helpful? These ten rules will improve service and help increase guest visit frequency.

Did you know that it costs three times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer happy? Guest Comment Cards can help you keep customers.

Restaurant critics are everywhere. In fact, anyone who dines out fancies him or herself a restaurant critic.

70% of customers who won't return to a foodservice establishment cite a negative interaction with an employee as the reason. By lowering employee turnover, service and customer retention can be improved.

Which of your menu items deserves the most prominent places on your menu? How can you maximize your menu profitability? Calculation of the gross profit contribution of your items can lead to higher profits.

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