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Menu item placement

If your menu is laid out in categories--appetizers, entrées, soups & salads, desserts, etc., apply this method to categories with at least 6 - 8 items. This is the size and scale that works best in demonstrating the magic of proper menu item placement.

Determine the gross profit contribution of each item in a category. Make sure the first menu item listed has the highest gross profit contribution. The last item listed should have the second highest gross profit contribution. Place the lowest gross profit items in the middle of the category. It's as simple as that.

1 – Highest Selection, Highest Profit

2 – Lowest Selection, Lowest Profit

3 – Second Highest Selection, Secdond Highest Profit 

 If 150,000 guests open your menu each year, you have 150,000 opportunities to sell them a menu item with an additional 10¢ in profit. 150,000 dimes is $15,000 in new profit.

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