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Chipotle adds nutrition filters to its app

The move expands on the success of the fast casual’s diet-specific Lifestyle Bowls, whose sales have grown 484% since being introduced in 2019.


Chipotle doubles down on its Lifestyle Bowls

The chain has added a vegan and a vegetarian bowl to its line of diet-friendly options.

Christine Barone, CEO of the Oprah-backed upscale casual chain, talks about the market’s challenges and opportunities in this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive."

How do you satisfy customer demands for healthy menu items, and keep your competition on the sidelines? Applebee’s Kurt Hankins scored big to win the dieter’s game.

Operators and their customers who love meat are starting to fork over more money to put protein on the plate. The problem starts with the feed. Cattle are traditionally finished on grain, but farmers looking for larger profits are now growing corn for ethanol instead of animal feed. Cow/calf producers are currently bearing the brunt of higher feed prices.

Mixologists are experimenting with natural syrups, like maple, honey and agave, to differentiate their drinks. Maple syrup has been sugaring cocktails and...

The gluten-free trend doesn’t have long legs, reported Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, president of Sloan Trends, in a presentation at the recent Research Chefs Association conference in Texas. Among her findings, a few standout themes emerged.

A new study finds that a much-hailed law that restricted the opening of new standalone QSRs in one of the city's poorest section did not improve diets and obesity rates.

Growing consumer obsession with dieting has many menu planners counting calories in their sleep.

Menus geared to Muslims with several million Muslims living in the United States, more restaurants are adhering to the Halal (permissible) food requirements dictated by Muslim law.

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