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The rise of plant-based diets: Consumers seeking healthier, cleaner options

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking ways to promote wellness across all aspects of their lives, and unsurprisingly, eating a healthy diet is a cornerstone. Currently, the growing appeal of plant-based foods and diets is likely correlated with the growing number of consumers preferring a healthier diet—and for that reason, it’s crucial that operators develop strategies to leverage each of these trends in conjunction.


Chipotle adds nutrition filters to its app

The move expands on the success of the fast casual’s diet-specific Lifestyle Bowls, whose sales have grown 484% since being introduced in 2019.

The chain has added a vegan and a vegetarian bowl to its line of diet-friendly options.

Christine Barone, CEO of the Oprah-backed upscale casual chain, talks about the market’s challenges and opportunities in this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive."

Flighty may best describe the 2014 restaurant customer. End-of-year trend predictions revealed that he or she may be seeking adventurous flavors on one visit, value on another.

Eating a meat-free, vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, suggests research published in the "British Journal of Cancer."

Restaurant Business is pleased to announce the Best New Products of 2004.

In a list of the most over-the-top, unhealthy restaurant foods, the Center for Science in the Public Interest singled out some dishes that provide more...

People across the globe are changing their dietary habits because the price of food is increasing exponentially. Particularly in the poorest countries, cutbacks on the quantity and quality of food are being seen due to rising food costs, states a report by Oxfam America.

CHICAGO (June 11, 2013)—Consumers’ first line of defense in healthy consumption when they eat out is cutting an item out or cutting down on an order,...

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