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What I like about you

In "A Rose By Any Other Name" we talked about Unique Experience Propositions, or "UEPs."

These are qualities of your brand that make you different, better and special. Often, we decide what we want them to be to help shape how we want our restaurant to be remembered, or what aspects of the dining experience we want to stand out in the minds of our guests.

But there are some UEPs that guests "assign" to your brand on their own. They are the good things about your restaurant that stand out in their mind. And since it's usually easier to ride the horse in the direction it's going, why not ask your guests what they like about you?

All it takes is a simple card presented by the server, or better yet by a manager or owner, at tableside.

Hopefully you will see consistency in the responses you receive. It is these responses that could become one or more of the UEPs you capitalize on in your marketing communications, on your menu, and in your interactions with your guests. They might also help you evaluate decisions about menu or decor changes, or even write training scripts for your staff.

An added benefit? A pat on the back from your customers, and a chance to hear what they like about you.

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