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Vendor bender

Good things happen when you turn the tables, bend the rules a bit, or take a contrarian point of view and throw the world a curve ball. Here's a suggestion for building a new customer base.

'Tis the other season

Most of us put extra effort into our marketing, training, menu, and service for the winter holidays. Then things slow down and unless we're in a heavy summer tourist area, we fall into the summer doldrums. It doesn't have to be this way. Spring and Summer seasonal changes can bring some unique opportunities to lighten up your menu, freshen up your image, and gather up the business.

I recently read an interesting article on Absence Management. In short, the author documented the high cost of employee absenteeism and the relatively low cost of incentives to keep employees on the job.

Whether your excuse is daylight savings time, spring cleaning or pre-holiday holiday decorating, regularly scheduled major cleaning is essential to keep your business looking its best.

Bio-engineered vegetables. Mad cow disease. E-coli outbreaks. Anthony Bourdain uncovering the dirty little secrets of restaurant kitchens. Atkins vs. The Zone. Seafood: health benefit or danger?

Running a foodservice operation is not a simple prospect. In addition to producing quality food and maintaining a high level of service, owners and GMs are faced with a multitude of responsibilities: payroll & human resources, taxes, state, federal and local mandates, technology, marketing, and accounting to name a few.

When your doors are open and you have empty seats, you're losing money. It's a simple fact. And one of the most spartan times in the dining room is the "early bird" period of 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

One of my favorite TV programs from the 50's was Amos and Andy, and the Kingfish was my favorite character.

Periodically my Dad would sit me down and ask the question — a pure fishing expedition. He usually didn't "know" anything. I would spill my guts right then and there — all the typical petty crimes and misdemeanors of a teenage boy.

Sometimes big things come in small packages, like a big jolt of energy from a tiny cup of espresso, big sounds from barely-there speakers, or a big surge of power from the engine of a compact Porsche. It's good. It's proportional.

I was browsing through the help wanted section of my local paper this morning.

It's more important than ever to set your restaurant apart from the competition. In a nutshell, what makes you different, better or special?

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