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Plan on it

Restaurants fail for a lot of different reasons, all of which come under the heading of poor planning.

Cool it!

Man it's hot! My air conditioner is working overtime to keep people, pets, and even furniture from wilting in the heat.

If you want to build a recognizable and memorable brand — no matter what your segment or average check size — it's important to give your logo careful thought and attention.

You don't have to wait for a holiday to celebrate what's great about your company. Some applause can doing amazing things for morale. Create an occasion of your own.

Want to create a buzz with your next marketing campaign? Send a jumbo postcard. And I mean jumbo... think 10" x 15" or even 24" x 36"! It's fun, it's easy and it's very effective at building your brand.

Marketing is one of the surest ways I know to build a successful foodservice business. With some careful strategic planning, you can build your brand in the marketplace and boost gross sales.

There is nothing new about setting goals and related action steps. As markets change, competition stiffens, and foodservice companies expand, the challenge becomes to focus on our specific goals.

Until recently, I never thought about portion size in any other context than food cost controls, but a recent dinner at the home of friends changed that.

"Marrying" bottles of condiments has been the bane of servers since the beginning of time... well, at least since the beginning of sidework.

You've heard the expression "You're only as strong as your weakest link." In foodservice that translates into "You're only as good as your lowest paid employee." Typically that's the busser. With that in mind, how do you rate?

It's not news to the foodservice industry, but a recent article from the Herman Trend Alert predicted that workplace accidents would be on the rise because employee turnover is on the rise.

Manager Comps should be used for three very distinct purposes, and accounted for accordingly. There are Marketing Comps, Service Comps, and Product Comps.

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