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And the Oscar goes to...

I rationalized the time I spent watching the annual spectacle known as the Academy Awards by trying to garner some lessons from the "best in the business."

Cocktail napkins

Often the recorder of lunch-time business plans, cute girls' phone numbers and Warhol-worthy doodles, the cocktail napkins can take on additional duties as a service tool.

I'm not sure whether it's just a slow news day, or just a commentary on our industry, but I was moved to write about the less than stellar food available on most restaurant menus. Mind you, I don't mean less than good. I mean less than stellar.

Corkage fees charged by restaurateurs to uncork, decant and serve a customer's bottle of wine have soared to upwards of $50 in America's most popular dining spots. This is creating a controversy that has some people popping their corks.

I had a friend who offered free advice. On the subject of budgeting money, she had this to say.

Whether your company is a start-up or a well established business, it is important to establish and protect your company name, and in many cases, your brand names as well.

Remember the good old days when people said "Please," receiving thank you notes wasn't a surprise, and handwritten business correspondence was de rigueur?

Typically the reality of a scary situation is less frightening than what we imagine the situation to be.

Many years ago, when I was in a carefree bachelor, a young woman I was dating told me that I need to be more spontaneous.

During a holiday or busy peak season, sometimes the best we can do is get through the day with our guests happy and our employees still working for us.

A combination Mad Cow scares, McDonald's taking a huge share of the domestic beef supply, and increased consumer demand thanks to Dr. Atkins is wreaking havoc with beef prices. Looking for ways to counter the skyrocketing food cost?

Tis the season for giving...especially to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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