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Knowledge is power

Typically the reality of a scary situation is less frightening than what we imagine the situation to be. Makes you appreciate just how creative our brains can be. Evidently making mountains out of mole hills comes naturally to us. A recent survey showed that only one in ten Americans had sufficient knowledge to help them survive a terrorist attack. Interesting when you consider that the topic has been headline news for over two years.

Sadly, in many cases our instinctual and/or physiological response can be the exact opposite of the correct thing to do in a crisis. So, I recommend facing the issues head on.

To ensure a safe and sane environment, take a moment to identify the most likely crises to effect your operation and get a plan together. You and your employees can benefit personally from this exercise as well. It never hurts to be prepared at home too.

We developed a Crisis Management System for our restaurant. I liked the format because it wasn't just one more management manual. We didn't "tell" our managers what to do in a crisis, we provided case studies and resources. Then we asked them to conduct a little research and make recommendations for our comprehensive manual.

I think we have a much better chance of retaining information when we actively take part in the learning process. And, in a crisis situation, the ability to act quickly could make a big difference. To make sure you're ready, download the guide from our crisis management system. It contains an introduction to the protocol, a schedule, sample responses and a list of possible topics for you to start your own Crisis Manual.

So, get on it — and don't let your imagination run away from you!

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