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Put a new spin on advertising

I've been looking at Groupon and for advertising. What are your thoughts?

Unpaid internships

We often get people asking to trail at our restaurant and we take interns from culinary schools.

When does it makes sense to add lunch, if you're dinner-only, or breakfast, if you're already serving dinner and lunch? 

How can I lock in the brilliant color of purple grapes when making sorbet? 

What are some simple desserts I can have my cooks make in house without needing to hire a pastry chef? 

I'm starting a cafe in NYC and would like to have a creative kids' menu that is more than just mac and cheese. 

 I would like to know if you can suggest some motivational "games" to keep our servers engaged and eager during our slower winter months.

Mistakes are frustrating and expensive. Some restaurants make employees responsible for paying for all or part of the cost of mistakes like these. Is that legal?

I’m thinking about adding a deep fryer to our space-limited kitchen for seafood and fries. 

Do you have any tips on preventing fruit flies in the bar area?

Do you suggest "tip pooling" among the front-of-house staff for a high volume cafe with 130 seats?

How do I get my restaurant to be reviewed by a magazine, newspaper or website?  

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