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Credit for life experience

I have owned a restaurant and have management experience but never finished my college degree in hospitality.

Finding good managers

We are a small, busy operation, don't have a lot of time to screen endless applicants and we do not have enough in-house talent for the positions we need.

Do you recommend any websites containing start-up menu selections, tools, etc. for catering?

How do you suggest we make sure staff get home safely when getting off work late at night?

I have a server who up-sells and has a lot of requests, but continues to cause conflict between others and slides on her work.

Is there a standard formula or guideline for how many of each type of beer to have?

Do you think breaks should be allowed and if so how many per day?

What is the best way to cook and season prime rib and top rounds for the most flavorful results?

We tried the "anything else for you" and "dropping checks" strategy and even buying them a drink at the bar.

We are considering either: limiting a table to only four cards, or adding a fee to offset the swipe fee.

How are restaurants dealing with setting and enforcing policies for servers carrying cell phones while on duty?

How can I cook okra without it getting a slimy texture?

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