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Premixed batter vs. baking from scratch

We are a fresh, gourmet market and deli. I don’t really have time to bake desserts, and cupcakes and cakes harden rather quickly.

Interview dos and don'ts

Sometimes I interview prospective employees and they are upfront with me about their intention to eventually open their own restaurant.

Is it legal to run a home-based bakery or catering business to raise funds to open my restaurant?

We don’t want to open for dinner, but we have been experimenting with special events to bring in additional revenue.

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary. I need some advice on throwing a party for patrons, family, etc.

Is it legal to deduct hours from an employee’s time sheet if business was slow and they should have left early?

Is it important that my chef and staff be of the same ethnicity as my restaurant concept?

What is the argument for an establishment that currently has a POS system to upgrade to a newer system?

I would like to host a press event to promote our restaurant and a new menu item.

How can I convince the already cash-strapped owners of a family bar & grill to invest in a POS system? 

Would you recommend sticking with the tried-and-true single bar design, or going for two bars? 

When do you decide it's time to change your frying oil? 

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