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Expanding your cocktail list

If you're a bar that does mostly beer and shots and you want to start offering crafty cocktails, how do you upgrade?

Finding new menu items

It feels like cheating to use one of the recipes I find. What do you think?

 What are some strategies to use when trying to determine your cost per customer on a buffet?

How would you describe items that are spicy but not hot? For example, things like chai? 

I've been asked to do a cooking demo on our local TV show. It's my first time doing this.

We are opening a restaurant and are trying to decide how many ounces is a good/normal glass of wine.

Is it legal to pass on the expense of credit card processing on gratuities to the server?

Are you aware of any companies making an Apple-based POS?

What is a fair cost of goods percent to total gross sales for a steakhouse?

 Would giving away or publishing recipes that I use in the restaurant be risky from a business standpoint?

We have had a successful run at our grill and have considered expanding to delivery. 

How can I keep my overwhelmed stressed-out employees motivated through the busy holiday party season?

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