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Family vs. family

I have ideas—new menu items, an expanded bar, a small plates menu—but everyone is afraid of change. 

How to get started in culinary teaching

I have a lot to offer up-and-coming chefs and would like to get into teaching pastry or culinary arts.

The neighborhood association has been objecting every step of the way of me leasing a space.

Is there a rule of thumb for what a restaurant is worth on the open market?

Any ideas about how to inform the customers that we will be closing and then beg then to come back as soon as we reopen?

We have a regular guest who always asks for items to be taken off her bill because they were "not to her liking," and is usually successful. 

I was thinking of converting a back room into a dining room, and finding a chef/manager who could take over the kitchen as a separate business. 

What is the best way to manage ups and downs so you don’t end up losing your staff in the beginning?

Until now, I’ve avoided the issue because I haven’t found a product I like and don’t know how widespread the demand is. 

Returning incorrect orders to the kitchen is common practice in a restaurant. Why should it be different for delivery?

I am starting to see many negatives to getting a liquor license, attitude and liability are two.

I have developed menu items for other bar concepts but wonder if this setting requires a different approach?

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