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Staff games

 I would like to know if you can suggest some motivational "games" to keep our servers engaged and eager during our slower winter months.

Charging staff for their mistakes

Mistakes are frustrating and expensive. Some restaurants make employees responsible for paying for all or part of the cost of mistakes like these. Is that legal?

I’m thinking about adding a deep fryer to our space-limited kitchen for seafood and fries. 

Do you have any tips on preventing fruit flies in the bar area?

Do you suggest "tip pooling" among the front-of-house staff for a high volume cafe with 130 seats?

How do I get my restaurant to be reviewed by a magazine, newspaper or website?  

Is it true that using biodegradable paper goods is just as bad as plastic or Styrofoam if it all goes to the landfill?  

Occasionally we get negative comments on Yelp and other review sites. Should I respond?

I already have a concept and financing for a start-up restaurant. Do I still need a formal business plan? 

They can order what they like from the menu up to a certain dollar amount.

What steak cuts can I serve that hold up to thorough cooking on the grill? 

How can I get started producing a private label food product like a sauce or spice rub?

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