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How to make your camping guests move to a different area

How do you politely tell someone with a computer to move to the soft seating? 

How to handle an under-tipping customer

Should I confront a guest who under-tipped a server? 

How can a chef/restaurant owner be sure that the quality of the food is maintained when he or she is not in the kitchen?

Is there any private financing out there and how can one find it? 

What can I do to regain the customers who are now splitting their time between us and our competition?

The owners are selling, and want me to disclose my recipes in written form as an asset to be sold with the business.

We are known as an ethnic neighborhood restaurant.

Is it the hot water or the steam that keeps food hot on a steam table? What is the correct water level?

It appears that in our restaurant women guests with food allergies and/or food sensitivities outnumber men.

Is it better to send them home so they don't get everyone else sick, or do you let them work sick?

What is the easiest way to take a catering menu and tone it down to really make a solid menu that will sell?

Doesn’t every restaurant have roaches? Especially in a city like New York?  

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