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Marcus Samuelsson to try Mastercard’s order-and-pay system

His Streetbird Rotisserie will be the first U.S. restaurant to use the order-and-pay app.

This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: What is wrong with these people?

Normally this space deals with gee-whiz developments. But this week’s standout moments were less likely to spin heads than to preoccupy them with a question: What is wrong with these people?

The government report finds that one in five restaurant and hotel employees had used illicit substances in the prior month.

The alleged infractions include basing overtime pay on how many hours they worked for each franchised location instead of total time logged at all of the franchisee’s stores.

Announcements of diversification have picked up fast and furiously of late, be it a new product, new prototype or new concept entirely.

A portion of the public is stuck on the falsehood that a server is only paid $2.13 an hour, plus the few bucks they might pocket in tips.

The latest canvass by financial analyst Mark Kalinowski finds considerable dismay about near-term business prospects and interactions between franchisor and franchisee.

Pay-at-the-table capabilities will roll out starting next month

A group of restaurant workers backed by ROC United, a union-supported labor group, has vowed to disrupt the National Restaurant Association’s Public Affairs Conference tomorrow morning in Washington, D.C.

The pizza-and-games chain is looking to negate a different sort of veto vote.

Recent signs suggest a growing emphasis by restaurants on luxury.

A dissident investment group that included industry veterans Jim Stryker and Gene Baldwin failed to muster enough votes from fellow shareholders to force a change in control.

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