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Congressmen press McDonald’s to air anti-harassment plan

Fifty-one members of the House of Representatives have signed a letter asking CEO Steve Easterbrook for the details.


Alcoholic beverage delivery is coming to La. restaurants

Places with a liquor license can apply for a permit to send adult beverages to customers homes. Third-party delivery services can also qualify.

A new study shows that more than 1 in 4 of the deliverers haven’t been able to avoid the temptation—and consumers are aware of the risk.

Hey, about your personnel practices—can we talk?

Vintage Capital noted in its nonbinding bid that it is meeting with Red Robin’s leaders and hopes to keep the conversation “constructive.”

The measure also calls for phasing out the tip credit.

The brand’s new owner is betting the deal will appeal to midweek customers without the margin pressures that nixed it two years ago.

I should be participating in a press event that intends to tie use of the tip credit to slavery. But it wouldn't have me.

New York looks at capping commissions, while a federal agency is asked to investigate certain fees.

Comps slipped by an average of 4% across its three restaurant brands.

A federal grant of $4.5 million will be used by the NRAEF to prepare current and former prison inmates for restaurant jobs.

The chain's longtime leader foresees changes for a concept that has been careful not to move with every market ripple.

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