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Denver imposes vax-or-mask mandate as COVID cases climb elsewhere

Starting Nov. 24, restaurants have a choice of either requiring vaccines or facemasks.


New Fla. law could punish compliers with Biden's vaccine mandate

The measure passed last week prohibits employers from requiring staff vaccines unless a wide array of exemptions are also offered.

The distributor says 35% of its U.S. big-rig fleet will be powered by electricity by 2030 as part of a new initiative to reduce emissions.

Reality Check: The job of taking orders and settling bills may be one of the tech boom's first casualties or major benefits, depending on your perspective.

Insurers, landlords, the SBA, mask deniers, Mother Nature and the guy who wrote "Fancylike" are all those that should receive coal this year.

Politics, poorly considered comparisons, bad texts and poorly conceived relief plans: The biggest restaurant blunders of 2021.

A handful of employees at a unit in the city of Mesa say they intend to organize. The game plan follows what worked for union advocates in Buffalo, N.Y.

About 2 of 3 consumers hope to get one, according to the National Restaurant Association.

On one front, industry groups and state attorneys general are suing to block the measure. On another, unions are suing to expand the scope to smaller businesses. Other stakeholders say the situation is too fluid to halt preparations.

Reality Check: More quick-service restaurants are providing ways for guests to tip employees. Heck, even unions are suddenly for it.

Restaurants and other small businesses in unincorporated areas can apply for grants of up to $40,000.

The negotiations stretched across 51 meetings, all the way back to June 2018.

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