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Consumer Trends

Consumers are braced for getting less for their restaurant dollar, study finds

74% expect eating places to shrink portion sizes, and 66% expect a downgrade in ingredients, according to the survey by MarketMan.


Vote on re-upping RRF expected next week

The Senate is expected to take up the Cardin-Wicker bill, which would provide an additional $40 billion in grant funding for restaurants.

The presiding judge said the chef's accuser had significant credibility issues, but described Batali as no saint himself.

A disgruntled investor forced out the CEO and claimed several board seats. It's vowed to improve customer service.

Under pressure from a shareholder, the distribution giant said it will begin a hunt for a replacement.

A high-level official has leveled several dozen complaints against the coffee giant for its response to the organizing drive.

A third area of inflationary pressure for many restaurateurs are the fees charged for processing guests' credit-card payments. Here's why those costs are rising now, and what merchants are doing to slow the climb.

Restaurants' labor problem is shifting back to retention as much as recruitment.

With forecasts calling for a hotter-than-normal summer, many state and federal agencies are looking for better ways of protecting kitchen workers and other employees exposed to high temperatures.

The figure marks a sharp increase from March, signaling that the industry's recovery has a ways to go.

The chain has asked federal labor regulators to halt the intimidation as relations between Starbucks and the union continue to sour.

The just-opened store features a kitchen that produces up to 30 made-to-order lunch and breakfast items.

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