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Legality of the NLRB challenged in federal court by a Starbucks employee

The action alleges that the board violates the Constitution's separation-of-powers principles.


Starbucks asks U.S. Supreme Court to decide on a union issue

The coffee chain wants the nation's highest court to decide if employees were truly dismissed because of their union activities.

Under a new initiative championed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the state is serving as a matchmaker between the new arrivals and prospective employers.

Restaurant Rewind: The pop singer and proponent of a never-ending happy hour was that rare rock star who found nearly as much success in the hospitality business as he did in music. And he did have some company.

Working Lunch: A group called the Critical Labor Coalition has some ideas its pushing on the Hill. Here are a few of the would-be aids.

Laphonza Butler comes to the job after spending much of her career leading the SEIU's California chapter.

The whole foodservice industry will need to fill about 2.6 million vacant positions every year through 2032, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

A court has decided the workers are entitled to the same increase their nonunion colleagues were awarded last year.

The law, a compromise between restaurant and labor groups, will pave the way for a $20 minimum wage for 557,000 fast-food workers in the state on April 1, followed by annual wage hikes.

Squeezed between two bad possibilities, the industry negotiated what proponents say is an acceptable middle-ground compromise.

Members of the Culinary and Bartenders Unions gave their leaders a green light for a walkout if negotiations continue to stagnate.

Employers will need to be more active—and careful—under the new protocol that went into effect last month.

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