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Labor cost outlook: 52 minimum wage increases set for 2020

Several West Coast regions will push their minimum past $16 an hour.


Wash. extends overtime pay to more managers

Salaried employees earning less than $83,356 annually would eventually be entitled to time-and-a-half pay.

Their attorneys general say DOL’s proposed new guideline would be illegal and an intended solution to problems that aren’t evident.

A search is commencing immediately for a successor, the chain said.

The revamp includes six new hires by CEO James O'Reilly.

Flip’d by IHOP, a fast casual, will feature many IHOP specialties adjusted for eating on the run.

The parties say the transaction will foster Connor Concepts' continued expansion beyond its Tennessee base.

The prototype for Clark Crew BBQ has opened, the first of several new concepts the company says it will unveil by Jan. 1.

Bad weather may have dampened purchases on the first weekend of the holiday-shopping season, and shoppers have fewer days this year to shop for everyone on their lists.

The fast-growing chain has also hired a VP of training and development.

Here are some guaranteed shockers that might have slipped past.

Authorities are still looking at possible sources in the Salinas growing area of California.

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